Is there really an alternative to DSTV ?

Over the last few months, pay TV channel DStv has come under fire for a range of reasons. High subscription rates, questionable customer support services and perceived unfair exploitation of its monopoly are some of the criticisms that DStv has faced, with a majority suggesting that the pay TV channel was taking advantage of its lack of adequate competition in the country.

Typically, there have been mass action calls for boycotts, government intervention and regulation, and also government support and funding of an alternative option for Nigerians. Having been operational for over ten years in Nigeria, it is perhaps understandable that many think DStv is taking advantage of the market where it enjoys large-scale dominance.

8 Alternatives To Dstv Decoder In Nigeria

  1. Internet

The internet is fast becoming a good alternative and easy replacement for satellite TV and yes, especially for DSTV consumers.

While internet still remains on the high side in Nigeria compared to other African countries, there is no doubt that they are a decent of network companies coming up with very cheap internet bundle plans.

This is sure a good alternative as most of these cheap internet plans are around the price as the DSTV premium plan.

With your internet and with a growing number of number of online media springing up like Youtube, the rapid growing Netflix and sports being streamed on a lots of sites then your DSTV can seem insignificantly cower into the background.

2. GoTv

While GoTv is still owned by same Company that owns DSTV it still remains a cool alternative to DSTV.

They come at a cheaper price of N2, 900 to set up and with N1800 and N1200 one can go for its GoTv and GoTv Plus plan respectively.

You might not have all the luxury of channels that DSTV offers but it still has its own place in providing with channels with a wide range of interesting programmes.

3. StarTimes

StarTimes might not be doing much but have done being a good competition to keep DSTV on their feet.

StarTimes is an affordable prepaid PAYTV that works with a dish and decorder that offer some good list of channels available locally and internationally.

They have the cheapest PayTV plans for as low as N1000, N2000, N3000 monthly.

Some of the channels available on StarTimes include TBN, Iqra, Nat Geo Gold, Crime Explorer, NBA TV, Aljazeera, Setanta, France 24, Nickelodeon, E! Entertainment, MGM, MSNBC, MTV Base, NTA Entertainment, NTA 24 News, BET, Silverbird, CCTV News and so on.

4.Free to Air Channels

There are growing number of free to air TV channels that are beamed to countries including Nigeria. These channels can be watched on your local TV. It normally requires a dish for it and a TV.

You just need to mount a dish and face it in the direction of the signals you want to receive. It is a bit more technical than setting up an antennae for local tv and so you may require the help of an expert.

You will need to connect one end of the cable to your dish and the other end to your TV. Free to Air TV signals are normally sent from satellites and can be captured by special dishes similar to DSTV dishes. You can choose to connect to the hundreds of satellites in space and it gives you access to more tv channels that your local tv stations.

MBC’s free-to-air offering had been one of the best kept secrets in the satellite Tv space for a while.

With content on MBC, you get about 10 free channels dedicated to movies, shows, kids and reality TV for free. Two catches though, about three of the Channels broadcast in Arabic, but the rest broadcast in English with Arabic subtitles.

Most importantly, they are free, the channels are monetized using ads; meaning, in the middle of a movie, the channels usually take “ad breaks.” It takes some getting used to, but being a long time DSTV + Free to Air user, I can tell you that it’s not so bad.

For content, you get A-list shows and movies, but usually not the most recent. If movies and shows are your thing and nothing else, it’s probably more enjoyable to watch than DSTV is.

With the right decoder, you may also get some non MBC free-to-air channels like BBC, Aljezeera, Fox Series etc. If you are wondering what kind of programming to expect, see the MBC site.

5. Local Nigerian TV

I guess it has been a long time many of us have watched local Nigeria Tv stations. Well since the arrival of decoders and PayTvlocal Tv’s that can be found on our UHF channels have relegated to the background.

With your local Nigerian TV station you have access to channels like NTA, Silverbird, ChannelsTV, AIT as well as state channels.

All you may probably need is antennae, a compatible TV andan external antennato give you clearer pictures.

6. MyTv

MyTV is also a another cool alternative PAY TV option to DSTV. Some of the channels available on MYTV include AIT, Aljazeera, BBC World, BET, Eurosports, MyTV Hausa, MyTV Yoruba, NTA and others.

7. Trend TV

The Trend TV is another PayTv alternative that is having a growing demand in the Nigerian market. For some who may not want the many channels available on DSTV they might want to try this cheaper alternative.

Some of the channels available on Trend TV includeNollywood Movies, Nollywood Movies+, CTL Africa, The African dance channel, Africa comedy channel, Ngozi(Igbo channel), Fumilayo(Yoruba channel), Lest We forget, EWTN, Aljazeera and others.

8. Q-Sat

For DSTV fans the Q-Sat could probably be a stronger alternative to DSTV. Although its operation is bit complex it offers more channels including DSTV Nigeria and DSTV South Africa channels even atno cost.

Yes, it is fun to notice that this alternative offers all the satellite channels being broadcast off the satellite that DSTV uses or the ones on the same bands.

Q-Sat is made of a tiny box and surprisingly a SIM slot and works by decrypting all the channels using a server that’s hosted remotely. The SIM slot works on only MTN only, which acts as a connection to the server which is decrypting the channels.Surprisingly data usage is so little and N100 a month is usually more than enough to keep the connection.

Well it has its own challenges, for example, it may go off in the middle of a program session, and would require decrypting the channel before continuing.Sometimes it could off for weeks on end.

The Q-Sat decoders are usually sold with no service guarantees for around N10,000-N13,000 and plug in with no modifications to your regular DSTV setup.

9. TStv

The toughest competition to DSTV in recent times would be the introduction of TSTV. TSTV Africa known in full as Telecoms Satellite Television is the latest Nigerian owned Pay TV Operator and digital satellite.

With its novel offerings of Pay As You View (PAYV) subscription, pause subscription, complimentary internet service, Video call and an array of amazing TV channels and if DSTV is not caeful would seep them off the competition.

The subscription charge for TSTV is far affordable than that of DSTV. In fact I’ll say it is at a giveaway prize considering the services they provide. The TSTV decoder is at N5000, while the highest subscription you can get is at N3000 monthly and yet there is a N1500, N1000, N500 and even N200 subscription charge option.

Considering the list of channels one can find on satellite, TSTV truly offers premium entertainment, informative and educative programs that cut across all genres: News, Music, Religious, Sports, Health, Kids, Fashion and Lifestyle.

With all the digital satellite T.V Providers mentioned in this post, i think there are alternatives. What is your view on this?