This is a 100Watts solar power kit that can power the following devices

1) Energy Tv
2) Laptop
3) Fans
4) Decoder
5) Bulbs
6) Charge Phones

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Original 100Watts Solar Generator
Equipped with 100W high-frequency inverter , can power electrics within 100W. it comes with 3bulbs, panel, inbuilt 12ah battery a USB and a laptop charging space.

Product Details

>> 100w solar generator
>> power up your appliances (dc/ac) anywhere. Power tv , fan,home theater, bulbs etc. >> Suitable for schools,hospitals, homes , farms etc.
>> Noiceless, pollution free and rugged, easy to install and high quality.
>> 12v 12amps battery
>> 3bulbs with 5 meter cable
>> Both ac/dc appliance compliant
>> Power tv, fan, home theater etc
>> Internal cooling fan
>> Rugged and compact
>> 1 year warranty

Additional information

Weight 4 kg

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