2.8inch TCP/IP USB Biometric Time Attendance System RFID Fingerprint Reader Employee Check-in Time Clock Record Machine A-C121


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  • Brand Name: OBO HANDS
  • Model Number: A-C121
  • Type: Fingerprint attendance machine
  • Identification method: Fingerprint, password, RFID card
  • Fingerprint Capacity: 2000
  • RFID Card Capacity: 2000
  • Storage Capacity: 100000
  • Display Screen: 2.8 inch TFT color screen
  • Communication method: TCP/IP/ USB
  • Support Language: English
  • Identify Speed: <1 seconds
  • Working Frequency: 125KHz
  • Working Voltage: DC12V /1A
  • Dimension: 180*130*40 mm
  • Type1: biometric fingerprint attendance
  • Type2: time attendance machine


RFID Biometric Fingerprint Time Attendance office System




Product Features

1) Fast attendance speed.
2) With no film high-definition induction fingerprint head, high recognition rate, fast speed.
3) With RFID ID card reader function, U disk to upload / download data.
4) The operation is simple and convenient, everyone can use;
5) Use the most of advanced international fingerprint algorithm, improve the real fingerprint state to identify the time less than 0.8 second.
6) With 2.8-inch TFT color display, interactive interface, intuitive and clear.
7) Using USB communication, and also supports U disk download attendance records and fingerprint data and other functions.
8) User fingerprint can be registered in a machine through the U disk to share, no real-time connection to the computer.
9) Can export a EXCEL report.

Product Details

2.8 inch TFT Color Screen



1,000,00 Large Record Capacity

Large-capacity high-speed memory with 1,000,000 record capacity. Support 2000 fingerprints, 2000pcs password, 2000 RFID cards. Suitable for enterprises of all sizes


This time Attendance Clock Machine support 3 verification mode

Fingerprint / RFID card / Password




360 degree comprehensive fingerprint recognition, fast Identify Speed

For different angles of fingerprints, it can be quickly and accurately identified, and fast check-in attendance

Live Voice Prompt

Support off-line or TCP / IP / USB using




Product Analysis



Package Included


Product Specifications

Model Name: A-C121

Display screen: 2.8 inch TFT high-definition color display

Fingerprint collection device: High hardness optical fingerprint acquisition instrument

Rejection rate (FRR): <1%

Recognition rate (FAR): <0.0001%

Identify speed: <0.8 seconds

Ring function: Timing bells

Way of working: offline

Verification method: Fingerprint/ password/ ID card

Fingerprint storage capacity: 2000 pieces

Manage record capacity: 2000 articles

Record capacity: 100,000

Fingerprint recognition mode: 1: 1: 1: N

Voice prompts: High-definition human voice

Language display: English

Communication method: USB/ TCP/ lP

Self-test function: support

U disk upload download data: support

Fingerprint Intelligent Learning Update: support

T9 input method: support

Power Adapter: DC 12V / 1A

Dimension: 180*130*40 mm

The fingerprint plane accepts the angle: Full angle recognition


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