4G IP Camera 1080P WIFI Outdoor 18650 Battery Solar Powerd GSM Sim Card PIR Motion Alarm Color Night Vision Home Security Camera

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  • Brand Name: NoEnName_Null
  • Certification: CE
  • Origin: CN(Origin)
  • Smart home platform: Other
  • Technology: Infrared
  • Viewing Angle : 120°
  • Connectivity: WIFI
  • Supported Mobile Systems: ios
  • Supported Mobile Systems: Android
  • Model Number: ES2
  • Sensor Size: 1/2.7″
  • Sensor: CMOS
  • Audio Output: 1CH BNC
  • Sensor Brand: Omnivision
  • Lens (mm): 2.8mm
  • Focal Length: 2.8mm
  • Alarm Action: FTP Photo
  • Alarm Action: Email Photo
  • Alarm Action: Local Alarm
  • Storage: 128G

Low power camera

*Battery powered, solar charging, no network, no cables.
*The WIFI version only needs a WIFI router to realize remote viewing on mobile phones.If you choose the WIFI version, you can only connect to the WIFI to connect to the Internet, and you cannot use the SIM card to connect to the Internet.
*The 4G version only needs a SIM to realize remote viewing on mobile phones.If you choose the 4G version, you can only connect to the Internet through a SIM card, and you cannot use WIFI to connect to the Internet.

Main Features:

*The 4G version only needs to insert the SIM card into the camera, without any other equipment, you can use the mobile phone to watch remotely. The SIM card supports most telecom operators in the world.
*The WIFI version of the camera requires only a WIFI router, and connect the camera to the router to connect to the Internet, and remotely view real-time images anytime and anywhere with a mobile phone.
*The 4G version has a built-in 4PCS battery, and the WIFI version has a built-in 2PCS battery. It can be connected to the solar panel and can work continuously for 365 days.
*Built-in 4 high-power infrared lights and two white lights to achieve full color at night.
*Support alarm sound. When someone enters the monitoring area, the camera buzzer will sound, which acts as a deterrent. It can be turned on and off through the APP setting.
*The wide-angle lens is 130°, and the irradiation area is wide.
*5DB high-power receiving antenna, wireless transmission distance is longer, 4G/WIFI signal is better and stable.
*PIR human body detection, when there is a person or a car, the camera is activated and the video is saved to the TF card or cloud storage.
*4W high-power speaker with clear sound.
*H.265X new storage design, TF card storage is lower, more stable and durable;
*Free 30 days of cloud storage, data security is more stable 1 times.
*New and exclusive simple design, the size of the whole camera is the same as the size of the mobile phone.

Product pictures

1.Solar panel 1PCS
2.Camera 1PCS
3.Installation guide 1PCS
5.Solar fixing bracket 1PCS
6.Camera fixing bracket 1PCS
7.Accessory bag 1PCS
8.18650 Battery (Camera installed)

About SIM card slot and TF card slot description

4G version: Includes SIM card slot and TF memory card slot.
WIFI version: The WIFI version only has a TF memory card slot and no SIM card slot.

WIFI/4G LTE Version

*The 4G version only requires a SIM card.The camera is inserted into the SIM, no other equipment is needed, and the phone can be viewed remotely.
*The WIFI version only needs a wireless router.

Support Android and IOS system

You can download the app from the Apple Store or Google Play, and the app name is “Ubox”.

About TF card storage time

*32GB: Starts 200 times a day, and can be stored for about 30 days.
*64GB: Starts 200 times a day, and can be stored for about 60 days
*128GB: Starts 200 times a day, and can be stored for about 120 days
*Support 30 days free cloud storage, you can also not insert TF memory card.

Configuration options

Please choose different configurations according to your needs.

Will not miss any useful video information.

When someone enters, the camera starts recording and sends a message to you through the APP.
When the person leaves, the camera enters a dormant state, and solar energy continuously charges the camera.

Join the Green Earth Project

Reduce carbon emissions and start now.
For the healthy growth of our offspring.

365 Day work

The solar panel charges the camera battery to achieve 365 days of uninterrupted work and easy installation.

Camera built-in battery not in the solar panel

The 18650 battery is built into the camera body. You can loosen the screw on the bottom of the camera to replace the battery. Convenient for battery maintenance and maintenance.

Throw any the Cable

The solar panel charges the camera’s built-in battery and does not require cables.

Use in harsh environments

It can be used in the environment of -30°-80°, outdoor waterproof.

Two modes storage

There are two modes of cloud storage and TF storage.

Battery choose (IMPORTANT!!)

*The 4G version has a built-in 4PCS battery, and
*The WIFI version has a built-in 2PCS battery.
It can be connected to the solar panel and can work continuously for 365 days.

2M cable

The solar panel can be extended by 2M through the extension cord, which is conducive to battery charging.

Night mode selection

1. Infrared mode
2. Color night vision mode

What does PIR induction start include?

PIR induction includes: humans, Cars, and large animals above 30kg.

PIR distance and angle

*The effective sensing distance of PIR is 10M and the angle is 120°.

Correct installation location

1. Install the camera at a height of 2-3 meters from the ground, please do not install it too high.
2. When installing the camera, pay attention to the direction where people often pass. Figure 2 is correct, and Figure 3 is the wrong installation angle.
3. Avoid pointing the camera lens at the sun.

Two-way audio

This product supports iphone and Android systems, and can easily talk in two-way time.

About the alarm

1. Support cloud storage
2. The alarm camera beeps

About pixels

This product has a pixel size of 2mp, a projection distance of about 15m, and a 120-read wide-angle lens.

Add camera

Easy to operate in a few simple steps.

Where It Can Be Used

The camera can be installed in most home environments, but it is not recommended to install it in areas with frequent human activities such as roads or shopping malls, because the battery of the camera will quickly drain.

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