RFID Access Control System Fingerprint Door Lock Controller Keypad Electronic Magnetic Strike DC12V with 125KHz Keyfobs Full Kit

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  • Brand Name: OBO HANDS
  • Model Number: i90 kit
  • Security Mode: Fail Safe
  • Direction: None
  • Type: Fingerprint Access Control Keypad
  • Place of Origin: Guangdong, China (Mainland)
  • Open Door Mode: Fingerprint, RFID card
  • Fingerprint Capacity: 1000pcs
  • Card Capacity: 100pcs
  • Working Voltage: DC12V±2V
  • Working Frequency: 125KHz
  • Compatible Card Type: EM or EM compatible cards
  • Download/Upload: yes, support SD card (Not included in package)
  • Application: office,school,home,hotel,shopping mall,door system

Full RFID Fingerprint Access Control System Kit Set

Product Introduction:

This is a full kit of fingerprint system. Working frequency is 125KHz. Supports to use TK4100 / EM4100 / EM4200 or EM compatible cards or keyfobs.
You can see 4 different options. The only difference is the Locks that suit for different doors.Please choose the items according to your door type. If any question, please feel free to contact our Customer Service.

Fingerprint Access Controller

Product Feature:
1, Full sealed waterproof fingerprint collector: HD no film fingerprint collector with green backlight. Precision identification, speed up to 0.2 seconds.
2, Supports to use fingerprint or RFID cards to control the door lock. User capacity up to 1000 pieces, large capacity. With 8 + 1 pin hole button, used to program to set manage fingerprints or cards.
3, Equipped with a ADD manager card and a Delete manager card. Don’t need to set again anymore. You can use the manager card to add or delete user cards / fingerprints.
4, With a SD card jack, supports to use SD card to download or upload data. (Please attention: there is no SD card included in package. If you need it, you have to buy it in extra.)
5, Can connect with an exit button, convenient to open the door from inside. With a door bell button, support to connect with a door bell.
6, Standalone, doesn’t need to connect to computer. Off-line working.
7, Mini, light and good designed. Very suitable for door system, such as home, office, school, factory, store, etc.

Product Specification:
Model: i90 fingerprint ler
Recognition Methods: fingerprint, RFID card
Fingerprint Capacity: 1000pcs
Card Capacity: 1000pcs
Working Frequency: 125KHz
Reading Distance: 0-5cm
Card Type: EM or EM compatible cards
Working Voltage: DC 12V +/- 2V
Static Current: <= 20mA
Operating Current: <= 100mA
Drive Electric Lock Current: <= 3A
Working Temperature: -0℃~45℃
Relative Humidity: 0%-95%
Material: ABS plastic
Dimension: 66 * 28 * 155 mm (L/W/H)

Access Control Power Supply

Product Feature:
It is a DC12V / 3A power supply, can connect to electric lock, ler, door exit. It is suitable for all kinds of electric door lock.

(This power supply only support to connect with one electric lock. If you want to connect to two electric locks at the same time, you should use DC12V / 5A power supply.)

Product Specification:
Size: aprox.138 * 67 * 37 mm (L x W x H)
Input Voltage: 90 ~ 260 V
The Frequency of Entry: 50 ~ 60Hz
Output Voltage: DC 12 V +/- 2V
Output Current: 3A / 5A
The Output Voltage of the Garrison: ± 10% ~ ± 15%
Insulation Voltage: Junior / sub polar AC inter – 1500V, primary / shell between 1500 V AC, subpolar / shell between 500 V AC.
Waiting Time: typically 20 ms full load
Operating Temperature: – 20 to + 35 degrees
Overload Protection: all outputs in a short circuit, overload are protected; output of 0 – 15 seconds of delay locks.

Door Exit Switch Button & 125KHz RFID Keyfobs

Door Exit Switch Button
Material: Hard Plastic
Maximum Power Rating: 36V DC 3A—5A output
Support both NC Mode (Fail Safe Mode) & NO Mode (Fail Secure Mode)
Dimension: 86X86MM (L / W)

125KHz RFID Keyfobs
Material: ABS plastic
Operating Frequency: 125KHz
Chipset: TK4100 chip
Detection range: 0-10cm
Color: Blue, black, red, yellow, green (But please noted, we will send blue color by default. If you need other color, please leave message to us.)

1, 180KG Standard Magnetic Lock

Holding Force: 180KG/350lbs
Material: Stainless steel
Working Voltage: DC12V
Anti-Residual Magnesium Designed
Performance Testing:1000000 times aging test
Safety Function: Built-in voltage spike suppressor
Suitable For: Wooden Door, Metal Door, Fireproof Door, Glass Door, etc.
Security Mode: NC Mode (Fail Safe Mode: Locked when power on, unlocked when power off.)

Features: unfold install mode, NC type, without LED light, waterproof.

2, Electric Strike lock

Material: Stainless Steel
Holding Force: 500kg
Working Voltage: DC12V
Working Current: 200mA
Operating Humidity: 0~90%
Face plate Housing: Painted Steel
Opening Mode: 90 Degree Swinging Door
Size: 150*28mm
Suitable Temperature: -30~+55 Celsius Degree
Security Mode: NC mode (Fail Safe mode: Locked when power on, unlock when power off.)
Suitable for: Wooden door (90 degree swinging door)

Please noted: If you need NO mode, please leave us message when you ordered.

3, Electric Drop Bolt Lock

Material: Aluminum alloy
Working Voltage: DC12V
Current: Star-up: 1.2A; Working: 0.25A
Wires: Red-power supply (+), White-COM, Black-Power ground(-), Yellow-NC
Lock core: The diameter og 12.5MM stainless core, extending the length of 15MM
Size: 150*34*28mm
Working temperature: -30~ 55 Celsius Degree
Time delay: 0/3/6 second ( Factory setting: 0 )
Security Mode: NC mode (Fail Safe mode: Locked when power on, unlock when power off.)
Suitable for: wooden, metal door, security door, etc.

Please noted: when you connect this lock, you should connect the red line to “NC” of the power supply and the black line to “GND” of the power supply. Other lines doesn’t need to be connected.

Package List: (4 kits for choosing)

Kit 2: unfold install, suitable for wooden, metal and glass door, not need bracket, convenient to install. ​

Fingerprint * 1
Power supply * 1
180kg standard magnetic lock * 1
Door exit * 1
RFID keyfobs * 10 (for free)
User manual * 1

Kit 3: built-in install, suitable for wooden door, convenient and beautiful.

Fingerprint Access Controller * 1
Power supply * 1
Electric strike lock * 1
Door exit * 1
RFID keyfobs * 10(for free)
User manual * 1

Kit 4: unfold install, suitable for wooden and metal door, not need bracket, convenient to install.

Fingerprint Access Controller * 1
Power supply * 1
Electric drop bolt lock * 1
Door exit * 1
RFID keyfobs * 10 (for free)
User manual * 1

If you already have your own electric lock, you can choose the Kit 1.

Package list of Kit 1:
Fingerprint Access Controller * 1
Power Supply * 1
Door Exit * 1
RFID keyfobs * 10 (for free)
User manual * 1

Wiring Diagram

We advise you to follow below wiring diagram to connect the devices.

Additional information


Without Lock, With Bolt Lock, With Magnetic Lock, With Strike Lock

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