RFID Fingerprint Access Control Keypad Biometrics System Password Card Reader USB Time Attendance Device 10 Keyfobs, no Software


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  • Brand Name: OBO HANDS
  • Model Number: F30 10
  • Fingerprint Capacity: 1000
  • identification method: Fingerprint, password, RFID card
  • Dimension: 90(L) *90(W) *28(H) mm
  • Communication method: U-Disk
  • Display Screen: 1.8 inch TFT color screen
  • RFID Card capacity: 1000
  • Password capacity: 1000
  • Record capacity: 100000
  • Identify speed: ≤ 1second
  • Rejection rate (FRR): <0.1%
  • Recognition rate (FAR): <0.0001%
  • Type1: Fingerprint Access control
  • Type2: RFID Keypad
  • Type3: Access control keypad
  • Type4: fingerprint attendance machine
  • Type5: time attendance machine
  • Support Language: English

RFID Fingerprint Access Controller

Standalone fingerprint keypad + fingerprint time attendance machine


The fingerprint machine is a simple and easy-to-use fingerprint terminal device that can be installed  in sensitive areas that require authorization to enter, and innovative combines high-security fingerprint recognition with advanced   management to achieve acces High security management of control.
With this fingerprint time recorder, you can have your staff check in by means of fingerprint, RFID card and password. Support 1000  user capacity, 1000 fingerprints, 1000 password, 1000pcs RFID cards, 100000 time attendance record capacity.
Product Features
1) 1.8inch TFT screen.
2) Strictly follow the national security product standard.
3) Adopting the Energy-saving fingerprint sensor and power management function, makes the product perfect.
4) 3 methods to identify the attendance: Fingerprint, Password, RFID card.
5) Support USB Flash drive upload download.
6) Humanized language indication reminder.
7) Suitable for the entrances and exits of office, factory, hotel, school, etc.
8) T9 input method editors, on the machine name, Department, frequency and other information, can be directly  output attendance reports, user operation is simple
9) Support English language.
10) Has Wiegand26/34 input/output, relay output, door bell button.
11) Support tamper alarm function.
Can be used as a standalone keypad, open the door with the fingeprrint, password or RFID cards.
Also, Can be used as a fingerprint time attendance machine, can download the attendance data with U disk.
Product Details
1.8inch Color TFT Screen, English menu
Easy to program with the display. Time and date show on display when standby
360 degree comprehensive fingerprint recognition, fast Identify Speed
For different angles of fingerprints, it can be quickly and accurately identified, and fast check-in attendance
Support Fingerprint, Password, RFID card verification mode
Support biometric fingerprint identification and password, RFID card verification to achieve automatic management of .
Data can also be used for attendance, to achieve attendance dual function
Live voice prompt
Support off-line using
This device support to check-in to attendance without networking. Doesn’t need to wiring and connect the 
 network. Support to use U-disk to download and upload the attendance report data. (not including U disk ) 
High-quality micro CPU processor, full-featured
The original smart chip adopts advanced programming system, the display operation is simple and convenient, and the function is complete. 
Product Specifications:
Display screen : 1.8 inch HD LCD Screen Display
User capacity: 1000 pieces
Fingerprint capacity: 1000 pieces
Password capacity: 1000 pieces
Card capacity: 1000 pieces
Record capacity : 100,000 articles
communication method: U-Disk
verification method: Fingerprint, password, card
U disk upload / download data: support
Language display: English
Machine size: 90(L) × 90(W) ×28(H) mm
Working with DC12V power supply, electric lock, exit button. Suitable for wooden/metal/glass door
(Both of the power supply, lock, exit button are NOT included in the package, need to buy extra)
 RFID Keyfobs

1. Material: ABS
2. Working Frequency: 125Khz
3. Support: read only, not support write
4. Reading distance: 0-10cm
5. Each one has a unique ID number printing on it
6. Color: 
Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, Black 

(We will send 10pcs BLUE color by default, if you want other color, please leave us a message)







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