Coconuts are one of the best gifts of nature to man.

Another great weapon against those resilient stretch marks is coconut oil. It is frequently used as a beauty product, so it is no wonder that you can use it to deal with those annoying stretch marks. There are plenty of ways you can turn it into a stretch mark remedy, and here are some of them:
1) Get a scoop of coconut oil and gently rub it into the areas that are prone to having stretch marks. Leave the oil on until the skin absorbs it completely. Repeat this uncomplicated procedure every day.
2) Mix several drops of coconut oil with the same amount of olive or castor oil. Gently rub this mixture into the affected skin and leave it to absorb. Repeat every day.
3)Mix half a cup of liquefied coconut oil and an equal amount of coffee grounds. You can use it right away or pour this mixture into a mould, leave it for five hours and then store it in the fridge. Either way, gently rub this remedy on your skin for several minutes and thoroughly wash it off. Repeat the same process three times a week.

4) Combine a teaspoon of powdered turmeric with two tablespoons of liquid coconut oil and use it on the areas that have stretch marks. Let the mixture sit on the skin for fifteen minutes and then wash it off. You can also add a teaspoon of fresh lemon juice for an even greater effect. Repeat this every day.
5) Combine half a cup of coconut oil with a cup of sugar and a cup of salt. Massage this scrub into your skin that is covered in stretch marks for up to five minutes and leave it on for another ten minutes. Wash it off using slightly warm water and use a towel to carefully pat the skin dry. Repeat this process every day. You can store what is left of the mixture in the fridge.
6) Add a few generous drops of camphor oil to the coconut oil and use this oily mixture on the stretch marks. Leave the mixture on for up to fifteen minutes and thoroughly rinse it off with slightly warm water. You should repeat the process every day to see the results. Try out any of these recipes and see the results in just a few weeks. Besides, your skin will be extra moisturised and healthy!
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