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It’s a combination of the following:

solar panel+battery+inverter+ups.

It integrates the following all in one devices:
3. Ups
4. Battery
5. Solar panel and more .

All you need do is plug and play, you don’t need any installation or engineering works. It generates pure sine wave electricity to carry any electronics and home appliance less than 300w, such as lights, tv, setup box, audio, electric fan, blender, fridge 100l, computer, medical and life support equipments.

It’s portable and mobile. Also, it can be moved around different rooms in your house, or warehouse, even in hospitals.

It supplies a clean and quiet energy for emergency use. It’s rechargeable. When it’s not in use, it can be connected to solar panel in day time to get free recharging or it could be connected to phcn power supply for a quick recharging. It’s very unique, durable and affordable.

model – qpg-500,
inverter capacity: 300w…

1. Pure sine wave
2. Inverter+Battery+UPS+AVR…all in one, plug & play
3. Can carry 100L Fridge

Output voltage: AC 230V, DC 12V, USB 5V
Inverter capacity: 300W
Battery capacity: 70Ah
Solar panel: 100W/18V
Working time: Load 100W for 7 hrs, Load 200W for 3.4hrs, Load 300W for 1.7hrs

Price: 165,000 Naira

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Weight 15 kg

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