Gifty Soya Beans Powder. 100% Quality Home made soya beans powder (400g)


Highly Nutritious can be added to the following

  1. PAP
  2. OAT
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Quality Home Made Soya Beans Powder

This is a delicious beverage with very high nutritious value. A rare blend of soya bean, dried unripe plantain, groundnut and crayfish. Can be added to tea, pap, porridge, stew, oat and other cereals and dishes.

Can also be prepared as a warm or cold beverage on its own to provide quality healthy balanced meal for growing children, aging parents, pregnant women, nursing mothers, and the whole family.
Recommended for babies and toddlers who are lactose intolerant.

It is a natural blend containing no preservative. Freshly prepared on request to maintain the high quality freshness and richness.


1) Support child Growth and Development
2) Reduces risk of coronary heart disease
3) Alleviate the symptoms of menopause
4) Reduces risk of Prostrate, breast & skin cancer
5) Decrease blood Glucose level and improve glucose tolerance in people with diabetes

Price: 650 Naira (350g)

Distributors and wholesalers Needed Nation Wide


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