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You can now order a 4G Solar Security Camera to secure your premises. The 4G CCTV Camera with Solar Panel is a great camera for surveillance. Best used for home surveillance, farms, poultry, Fish pounds, and areas where there is limited or no electricity. The solar camera does not require electricity or cabling. You only need a 4G SIM card and a memory card.

4g solar ptz camera for surveillance.

The solar-powered security camera can rotate in all directions to give you all the views in your area. It has a powerful inbuilt battery and can last you for 365 days without electricity. It can be viewed remotely on your smartphone. It has a slot for a battery that can be charged with its solar panel that comes with the camera.

It has a slot for a memory card which is required of you to subscribe to data on it or use with wifi if you are close to the camera installation area. It’s the Internet data that will generate the live feeds from the area you installed the camera.

Motion detection 4G solar camera

Perfect for use both outdoors and indoors ( as it comes with a cable which can be used to place the solar panel outside and the camera itself inside. Note the cable is not long enough about 2-3 meters)

Best use at Farms, construction sites, residential homes, business areas, warehouses, Poultry and fish farms, etc.

Colored Night Vision


  1. Live Video Streaming
  2. Wireless surveillance
  3. Remote monitoring
  4. Solar-powered security camera
  5. Outdoor surveillance
  6. Motion detection camera
  7. Live video streaming
  8. Weatherproof camera
  9. Mobile app integration
  10. High-resolution video
  11. Night vision capabilities
  12. Cloud storage
  13. Two-way audio
  14. Smart home security
  15. Long battery life
  16. Wide-angle lens
  17. Tamper-proof design
  18. Real-time alerts
  19. Time-lapse recording
  20. Easy installation

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Weight 2.5 kg

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  1. please, I have a 4g camera but the battery doesn’t last more than 4 hours. with the solar panel, it doesn’t charge more than 71%.

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